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Hello All,

First I'll answer the ever burning questions. Who is Marsha, and why does she have her own website? Marsha is me and I am she (or somthing like that). By Definition Marsha is: Not a person, but in fact an experience; heavenly in nature... I have my own website because...Well, why not? The world is filled with pointless websites, one more can't hurt, so there. Just a couple of things you should know before you dive into the world that is Marsha's...

You won't, and I repeat Won't gain knowledge, and/or be a better person once you have finished giving this site the once over. All you will recieve is My take on the world, life, love, and anything else I feel the need to talk about. Any Question and/or Comments? Email Me. If not then please feel free to follow the links above.

Watch your step and play nice now Kiddies,

I am Marianne Dashwood!

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