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Marsha's World Version: Pretty Pink
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This is the section of my site for my poetry. Just to warn you, I make no claims that my poetry is any of the following {Funny, moving, profound, thought provoking, or even any good.} Okay, now if we are understanding one another, you may scroll down and began reading.
All Poems are Copyrighted to ME

"I Understand..."
It was never about loving me...
I understand that now.
It was never about me and you...
I understand that now.
It was never about being true...
It was never about my needs, wants, thoughts, desires.
It was never about my joy, pain, feelings or tears...
I understand that now.
It was never about how much
I loved you, cared for you, tresured you, cherished you.
It was never about how
I'd lie for you, die for you, steal for you, do anything you'd ask...
I understand that now.
There was nothing I could do
Nothing I could say
To make you understand me
To make you want to stay...
I understand that now.
Written: May 10,2001

"Candle in the Wind"
I cannot explain how much I love you,
But still I feel I cannot trust you.
My love is in your hands...
You still don't understand,
That I am a candle in the wind.
A candle in the wind,
I fight to stay a glow,
But I feel the wind is taking me,
Not fast, but very slow.
I am almost gone to the wind,
But then you're in my life again.
The wind is gone and I am bright.
I burn so strong all through the night
I've never been so happy.
I've never burned so bright,
But then you blew me out,
At the ending of this night.
Now I sit on your window sill
Stareing at the wind,
Waiting for the night to come,
That you'll be back again.
Written:May 96'

Streams from which my tears overflow,
Spilling into my heart and weakening it just so,
Just enough to break my spirits and bend my soul,
To the point of no return and back,
On the edge of nothingness I weep.
Throwing my heart, soul, mind over,
Or are these the things I should keep?
I hold them close though, broken, bent, and battered,
They are me.
Are they as much to me, as I mean to the world?
No, they mean something more,
I walk in a glass body,
Where a pebble could cause me to shatter,
And I stand in a field where it rains stones,
But I don't break,
I won't break,
ME is what keeps the glass from breaking,
ME is what keeps the earth around me from shaking,
ME is what keeps my head in the clouds to dream,
ME is what keeps me from floating away,
What keeps my world from falling apart?
Written:May 6, 99'

"Trapped In A Tear"
Trapped in a tear,
Is where I am,
When I think no more,
"I'm sure I can.

Trapped in a tear,
wondering why,
I stay on the ground,
When I could fly.

Trapped in a tear,
is how I feel,
when nothing around me
seems quite real.

Trapped in a tear,
I sing a song,
A song where nothing
ever goes wrong.
Trapped in a tear,
my feelings die.

Trapped in a tear,
no one hears my cries.

Wherever I go,
Far or Near,
I'll always be...
Trapped in a Tear.
Written:November 95'

"Gentle Wind"
A Gentle wind blows over me,
and sweeps my heart away.
I take a breath and caputre my soul,
to go on another day.

A Gentle wind take me closer
than I've ever been.
To a love that I've been searching,
To a love Within.

I've never felt a gentle wind
Like I feel it now,
The Gentle wind tells me things,
but has never told me how.
How it is that all the while,
searching for a love so true,
That when I finally stopped my searching,
I would soon find you.

A gentle wind never let me down,
A gentle wind filled my head of things to come.

That Gentle Wind is you I'm sad to say,
On that very, sad and cold
Dark, Decemeber day.
After you gave me your love, dreams, and life.

Gentle Wind, my Gentle Wind,
Never let me go,
So at night when I sleep,
I will truly know.
That when you died, you didn't leave
And you will never go...
Written: 1995'

What I'm feeling inside,
is simply all mine.
My anxiety is one of its own.
I come to the notion
to burst with emotion,
and then I break down and cry.
Then I'll get up and fly
to the place where my dreams will run free.
Where everything's kind,
and Joy it's all mine.
That's where you will find me.

Written:Sometime in 94'